“Get off your phone!”

Get off your phone!

Layla Thomas, Writer

Something that teachers hate most is when a student is on their phone during class, especially when they’re told not to be. But why are we told this in the first place?

One of my favorite teachers, Mr.Pearson says, “Phones are a distraction as well as disrespectful especially when I’m teaching and they choose to put their attention somewhere else.”However, if you are “respectful, responsible, and resourceful” during his class, as well as get all work completed he may reward you with some down time on your phone.  I think more teachers should do this because it could motivate students to get their work done.

If students know that once they complete all work, they can have some free time on their phones, I feel like they would be more focused, and concentrated. “Students should be able to use their phones for educational purposes. I also think that we should use them for other reasons, that teachers shouldn’t prohibit them to a certain extent, and that they should trust us. However, I don’t think we should take advantage of their trust,”said Daniel Gadd.

Shannon Healy states, “I think we should be able to use our phones for music during independent work.” I agree with this because most people that I know are able to concentrate more when they are listening to music.