Jehily Aguilar, writer

When I used to live in Honduras, I used to live in a normal small town. When I little my grandparents and friends would tell me scary stories, but I remember this one story very vividly. One day it was a sunny day just like normal everything was fine. It was five-thirty and then the high school was let out of school. A group of high schoolers were walking home to their houses and they noticed something odd. They had to pass a cemetery and they happened to look over and saw this chubby man who seemed to be in his thirties to early forties walking out of the cemetery, nothing usual, but then he started staring at all everyone really weirdly and he seemed freaked out. The man then started to wood from the ground and everyone was confused and creeped out. The kids then started out of immaturity throwing rocks at him because they trying to make him stop and they thought he was crazy. The man started walking back into the cemetery and the kids ran away to tell parents what had happened. Nobody ever saw that man again. Everyone would tell all the kids about the strange man who ate wood and that he’d come into your bedroom at night to get revenge for throwing rocks at him.