Riverdale Review


Makayla Willis-Thornton  , writers


 If you didn’t know, the Netflix show  Riverdale is based on Archie Comics that are set back in 1941. But now they finally turned it into a TV show on the CW channel. The main characters of the story line is Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, etc. Along the way they find mysteries, murders, drama, and relationships issues. 

Difference between TV show & Archie Comics 

With the comeback with the TV show for Archie Comics, there was  show changes with the story and the characters. The first thing change people  have found out is how the baddie new girl of the town has changed from the comics to the new  tv show. In the original storyline, Veronica she was not Latinta but in show she is. If you read the Archie comics then you would know that Jughead was a comedic and is obsessed with food, being lazy, and wasn’t interested in dating. But in the show Jughead is dating Betty Cooper and had a relationship with Toni. If you are a long time fan of Riverdale then you will see how dark it is. There are many secrets, lies, connections. The 1940’s comic books were a little lighthearted and  good for all families. The show, on the other hand, throws us down a pretty dark hole. There are some funny moments,but it is not like the comic book.

Main Characters

If you have never watched the show or never read the comics, then let’s talk about the characters. The first main character is Archie Andrews. He is a football player that is loveable. He would do anything for his friends. His signature hair gives him all the girls he wants. But  little does everyone know, he has a lack of academic ability, but he tries to get the good grades. Now let’s talk about and one the only Veronica Lodge! She is always trying to get into some type of mess with her father or with other people. Being the new kid in a small town like Riverdale isn’t always easy, especially if you mess with the “so called couple of Riverdale since the first grade” Betty and Archie. Now let’s talk about Betty Cooper. She is the person who wants to get down to the bottom of the mysteries. She is a River Vixen which is a cheerleader at Riverdale high  school. She is also an editor for the Riverdale newspaper. Betty has to figure out if she wants to be with Archie or Jughead. Finally, let’s talk about Jughead. He is dealing with his mother leaving him as a little kid while has his Father is having trouble with alcohol and drugs. Jughead is also the leader of the Southside Serpents along with his father. I recommend people that like mysteries but also enjoy drama to watch this TV show.