EMHS Powderpuff sports: Girls Football and Guys Volleyball


One of EMHS’ newest events: Powder puff guys volleyball!

Sam Cerva and Layla Thomas

Eastern Montgomery High School has held the tradition of a powderpuff sport for a few years. In November, the SGA team held a powderpuff girls football game, and recently, in January, they held a powderpuff guys volleyball game. The powderpuff girls football has been a tradition for EMHS, but guys volleyball is something new.

If the girls play football, then have the guys cheer them on!

As mentioned above, Powderpuff girls football has been an EMHS event for a while. However, there were some new activities that made this year’s powderpuff unique. Perhaps the new feature that stood out were the cheerleaders here at the game. There are usually girls cheering on the team, but this time, it was the guys. That’s right, the boys made up the cheer team for this special event.

For the game itself, it began with the freshmen battling the sophomores, and then juniors going against the seniors. The guys cheered and performed stunts throughout the game to encourage the girls. The freshmen gave it their best, but the sophomores took the victory! Up next, the juniors and seniors took the field. The juniors gave it their best, and took the victory for the game.

Ms. Rusgrove, who coaches the volleyball team, was one of the referees for the games, and Maddie Smith coached the seniors in powderpuff volleyball.

Since the girls were able to play football in November, the boys were able to play volleyball in the afternoon of January 24th, 2020. An impressive amount of boys signed up for each grade, and some of the volleyball players got to coach their own grades to victory! The event started with the freshmen going against the juniors, and the sophomores battling the seniors to make it to the championship round. The freshmen put up quite a fight, but the juniors won and advanced on to the championship round. The sophomores and seniors had an intense game, but the seniors made the game point, and got to compete against the juniors in the final round!

Before the final round, there was an intermission for a special EMHS tradition. Throughout that week, students got to vote for three teachers to be “pied in the face” (whip cream) during the intermission, who were Mr. Stanaland, Ms. Gibson, and Mr. Pearson.

After the teachers were “pied”, the championship round between the juniors and the seniors began. The juniors put up a big battle at the beginning, but the seniors began to rise. The seniors managed to battle it out and win the championship!

Powderpuff girls football is a tradition that has been happening at EMHS for a few years now, but the boys volleyball game was definitely something extra new! The volleyball game gave the teachers and students a day that they will remember for a while. There was a multitude of players signed up for each team, and a few coaches to lead them to victory. EMHS’ SGA team has put in a lot of planning and a lot of work for these events to be a success! Each of the events and the new features they provided, such as guys cheerleading for girls football, helped impact school spirit. Hopefully, EMHS will continue these traditions!