16 EMHS 2020 Yearbooks Left – Purchase before they are all gone!

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Morris, adviser

Digital Yearbook Signing Flyer

In this week’s video, the host Mike Smith asks students a powerful question: If you won the lottery and never had to work another day in your life, what would you spend your days doing? After your student watches the video, they can plan steps to be their best self.Watch Now ››HERE. NOW. ALWAYS.
The 2020 yearbook will capture this extraordinary year. These unique times unite our school, community and our world. Make sure to order your student a copy before the online deadline of 5/1/20.  We only have 16 yearbooks left!!

Click here by 5/1 online ORDER YEARBOOK

Also, Jostens is organizing an online yearbook signing event for you to share links with your friends.  When your friends have “signed” your yearbook, the final copy will be emailed to you to print and insert inside your yearbook.