Junior Destiny Martin attends schools half days, but really wants to attend all day remote.

Corona Season: East Mont welcomes students back!

Eastern Montgomery opened it’s doors for students in September. This school year is much more different than the years before. Here’s how students are adjusting…

Junior Seth Burleson has mixed feelings about remote learning but prefers in person learning.

Seth Burleson is a junior this year, he’s a part of the football, basketball, and track teams. ¨I wish we were in person learning because we can’t start sports until we get back in classes. I miss hanging out with my friends too.¨  When asked  about what he does in his free time he said, ¨Eat, lift, music, sleep, repeat.¨  Quarantine gave him the time to get a second job, his first being Valley landscaping and second being McDonald’s. He was able to get his license, a membership at planet fitness and has spent most of his time getting fit and ready for sports.

Destiny Martin, a junior, prefers going to school better than remote learning because she can manage her time much better. Like most students learning online, she is extra stressed, ¨100% I am having a much harder time making myself get work done.¨ Classes online are much different than in person classes, which is why Destiny’s favorite class used to be math but now she just finds it to be difficult to learn anything. 

Senior Heydi Reyes-Chacha doesn’t like having remote classes because of the stress. She would rather be back in school. Unlike others, she isn’t struggling w

Senior Heydi Reyes-Chacha attends half days and wishes her senior year was normal.

ith her favorite class. But, this isn’t how she envisioned her Senior year of high school to be.

Overall, most students are struggling to get adjusted to the new schedule and rules. As long as we stick together and help each other out we will push through.

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