Freshman Bethany Abbott getting online to join her remote piano class.


Freshman Kesley Greer spends half of his day online and half of his day in school.

Freshman Bethany Abbott says that due to the hectic online schedule, there have been many challenges getting to every class. She has a lot of school children in her household, going to two different schools, and says it is difficult to make sure all of them are able to connect to their classes. With multiple people connected to their Wifi system, it makes it hard to connect with their classmates and teachers. 

Freshman Kessley Greer told me that his family is often worried about how he will be able to perform by himself at home. They made sure he had a place to work that was quiet and made sure he always got to classes. He says his parents also worry about if they have to pick him up randomly throughout the day, what effects that would have on his schoolwork.

Freshman Madison Davis answered with the fact that she has to make sure that her younger siblings are always on their classes while she tries to pay attention to her classes. She says it is very difficult to focus on her classwork while helping them as well.

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