EMHS Band in Baltimore

Jonathan Moore and Brett Smith, student submissions

The stress of everyday musicians adds up over the course of years.  This is why the students of the Eastern Montgomery band go on a trip approximately every 4 years. This year the band took a trip about 6 hours away to Baltimore, Maryland. From the moment we arrived at the school, we were moving at what seemed liked 100 mph. Our itinerary wore us out as we ran from 8am to about 10pm most nights, and some nights we didn’t get back to the hotel until 11pm. However, we were always up the next morning at 6:30 to start another fun filled day.

The moment we arrived we dashed to the Maryland Science Center. We felt right at home when right across the road was a little street named Eastern Montgomery Street. After the engaging experiments at the science center, we had time to explore the inner harbor of Baltimore. We went to many historical buildings that were once a major part of Baltimore’s past. For example, the Barnes and Noble located right in the middle of the Inner Harbor of Baltimore was once a power plant.

Later on our first day, we went to an awesome experience at Medieval times dinner show. Friday we woke up, and went on an early  private tour of Camden yards located in the heart of the Inner Harbor. Later on, we performed in an amphitheater in front of the harbor, playing out towards the city for everyone to hear. In the evening, we cheered on the Baltimore Orioles as they faced off against the Chicago White Sox.

On Saturday, we journeyed to Six Flags amusement park. Now, I’m not a thrill seeker that rides every roller coaster, but watching everyone else with big smiles on their faces get stuck on a roller coaster was entertainment enough.
On our final day, we took off early and trudged in the rain for the Maryland Zoo. The weather ensured we pretty much had the entire zoo to ourselves.  I’m pretty sure we saw every animal from an elephant to a rat. As we made the trip back home, we talked for hours about memories we will never forget and how much closer we all became on this trip. Even if I don’t get to go on another band trip, I hope the members after me get to experience the type of fun I had in Baltimore 2016. I was not alone as fellow freshman Brett Smith shared, “Just the experience itself was amazing; it is really wonderful to get out and travel with close friends. Mr. Bragg is an absolutely amazing teacher who made it all possible. We arrived home on May 1st with some reluctance; Baltimore was simply amazing.”