Freedom and Follies of homeschool in 2020

As the 2020 school year begins, students are either online or going half days. I personally am doing all online. Some of my classmates agreed to do an interview on how they feel about this years school.

Anthony Trovata (Sophomore)  was asked what was the most challenging part of doing all online classes. He answered by saying, “Mainly having all of my classes being hands on.” When asked how he stayed active during quarantine without sports, he replied, “I would normally go to the gym and I got a job.” 

When asked, “How has online schooling affected your sleep schedule?” Angel Ramos-Mendoza (Sophomore) said, “I’m always tired during school and my sleep schedule hasn’t been that good recently, it’s hard for me to wake up to go to class.” I also asked him “Do you think teachers are trying to give us less work because we are all online right now?” He said “ I believe so because it’s too much for us to do and for them to grade.”

When asked if it is hard being a freshman and coming to a new school having to do all online classes, Freshman Riley Ollis told me, “It’s definitely difficult and I would really like to go to school but it’s not too bad working from home.” Regarding how online schooling has affected her sleep schedule, she said, “I have been sleeping really early so I can be sure to be awake for my first block class.”

Overall, I feel as if most students enjoy going to school full-time rather than online. I think it’s much easier for them to concentrate, and complete work while being in the school. Speaking for my classmates, and myself hopefully everything will soon return to normal.

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