Online School: The Freshman’s perspectives

Madison Davis (Freshman) was excited for her first year in high school, until the Corona virus struck and messed everything up. When asked how she feels about the start of the new year, she responded “I was excited, but now that we’re going to be online that excitement as been replaced with nervousness and dread”. However, despite not being as enthusiastic about online school, it does have it’s perks. She told me that one of her favorite parts of online school is not having to put any effort into her appearance. She also said online school is much easier on her than regular school. “It’s not as stressful because there’s overall less expected from us”, she said. Although, Maddy also thinks while having less work is nice, she feels like she’s not getting as much out of school. She told me that “learning online is a lot less beneficial than learning face to face, and the days I’m in the classroom, the content makes a lot more sense”. Overall Maddy thinks, while being a freshman in Corona season isn’t ideal, it’s a new experience that we should all embrace.


Andrea Mercado (freshman) was very nervous for her first day of school, mainly because we didn’t get a meet the teacher day like we have every other year. She told me that “The first day was scary because I wasn’t sure about where my classes were, or how everything was going to work, once the first day passed though, everything was much easier and I started to understand and pick up a rhythm.” She also told me that high school, surprisingly, is easier than middle school. Whether it’s because of the weird schedule, or only having four classes, she think’s there is much less work to be done. Because of that, she is much less stressed and much more excited to learn. She also really enjoys her teachers, and told me, “I appreciate all the hard work they’re doing to help accustom us to the new year, especially under such abnormal conditions”. Her favorite class so far is Small Animal care and she looks forward to afternoon day’s to go in person. Finally, I asked her if this year is how she pictured her first year in high school at all, and she responded with “Nope, not even a little bit, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good” All in all, after the first day jitters went away, she’s embracing high school with the most positive outlook she can.

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Online School: The Freshman’s perspectives