Seanna Brickey

Pitfalls of Remote Learning

Freshman Seanna Brickey was asked how she felt about remote learning and how this experience will affect the future for school? “I feel like half of us are going to be slow , unintelligent.” She also felt like her grades would suffer. However, remote learning has caused her to change her favorite class, “Yea, because I did not like math before, but now I love it!”   Her working style has changed, “I’m more of a hands on person, plus you can’t ask the teacher a question without other people seeing.” One downside for Seanna is the distractions at home, “I get distracted easily, I have my phone and my bed.” Overall, she is not getting as much out of school as compared to the past,  “Yea, like I said, I’m more hands on and it makes me confused.” 


We asked Braylon Mello in grade 9, how he feels this experience will affect the future for school? He responded with “It’s gonna make it hard.” He feels that his grades will suffer. Also, remote learning caused him to change his favorite class. He feels that his working style has changed. Even though we are responsible for ourselves now more than ever, he feels that he can not manage his time better and that he gets distracted easier. He thinks that he is getting less out of school.


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