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Overwhelmed with remote learning!

Our New Life

Senior Jack Graves was asked how he was adjusting to the changes this year, he responded by saying, “I fell a little behind in the beginning, but now I am starting to get into the swing of things.” Students this year have been struggling to get the hand of all the changes that have been made. Some may have a really hard time and others don’t, it just depends on what works for you. When asked how he feels this experience will affect the future of our school, he admitted, “I’m not sure how it will affect the future of our school, but hopefully it leads to a more productive future. It is also nice to have colleges not asking for test scores.” No one truly knows what the future holds since everything can change any second! The next question that was asked was, “Has it caused you to change your working style?” He says, “It has, I moved from doing my homework when I get home from school to being more productive after 8 P.M. which makes for a long night.” I can agree with this, and I’m sure most people can too, it has truly been hectic. Finally Mr. Graves was asked if he thinks his teachers are being too hard or too lenient. He responded with, “I commend my teachers for their hard work in making online school as best as they can, and I think they are being as lenient as they possibly can while still getting fair grades into the grade-book.”

Freshman Jazzy Vest was asked what she doesn’t like about online classes and why. She said, “Sometimes the teachers can pay attention to the people doing in person school and not online, and something I really don’t like is it can also glitch at times.” Not only is it hard for students, but it can also be hard for teachers. They have to pay attention to both, in person and online students. When asked if she likes the new school system, she said she was in the middle about it, because some of it can be confusing but understands that being safe is a priority. The next question was, “Overall, how has this year been so far?” She responded with, ““Hectic, overwhelming, and boring.”


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