The Creepiest Anthology: American Horror Story

The Creepiest Anthology: American Horror Story

Sara Blankenship, writer

Sick of vanilla horror shows? Want a new thrill to watch? Well, look no further than American Horror Story! The popular show is an anthology made by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, originally for FX but now you can watch it on Netflix.

It has 9 creepy seasons, each with a different setting. The unique part about this show is that while the actors are in every season, they almost always play a different character. Take the star, Evan Peters, for example. He played a total of 16 characters! The whole system really keeps it interesting and never boring.

Lets compare this with Supernatural, another good horror show but AHS beats it. It always keeps your heart racing while Supernatural gets boring after a while with the same idea ever episode.

You should 100% watch this show if you have a heart for the creepier things. Some of the seasons were so gory and gruesome that it became controversial to keep on air. But yeah its a really good horror show.