Celebrating Our Differences

Celebrating Our Differences

Naomi Ramos-Mendoza, Writer, Photographer, Editor

As we know, students at EMHS come from multiple places around the world. Since EMHS is a public learning school for students, it is important for every single one of the students to feel welcomed and protected. If students were to feel unsafe at EMHS, they wouldn’t want to come, leading to them not being able to learn. For that to not happen, EMHS would need an organization to make sure students feel welcomed and safe.

Of course, EMHS has that!

It is called EMHS Student Equity Committee where the student body share their interests, backgrounds, experiences, and are the voices for the school community. It’s a perfect way for teachers, the principal, and the school administration to see from student perspectives. The Student Equity Committee is for all of the high schools and middle schools in Montgomery County! Under the leadership of the Director (Judy Diggs) and the Administrator (Stacie Wright), they will make sure that equity is embraced at all schools and departments. They make sure that every student and staff member are valued and have access to resources and supports to spread awareness of equity issues.

Students at EMHS took a survey about equity. Some questions included how welcomed students felt by peers and staff, any bullying experiences, and current concerns students at EMHS are dealing with. Some information that I received discussed how some students have been victims of prejudice and pre-judgment, often for their sexual orientations. And that some feel as if they aren’t welcomed by staff or their peers, because they are “different.”

All opinions matter. Human rights are a real concern.

Equity is more than eradicating students making fun of others because of their sexual orientations, genders, skin color, or race/ethnicity. But it is also related to human rights, the ability to be successful, and people feeling safe and welcomed into our school. In order to feel welcomed and for ALL students to be successful, we cannot just shrug off hurtful language or behaviors. We cannot ignore it. People, especially kids/teenagers, need to be educated about inclusion and equity and need to be aware of what is happening all around the world. They need to actually learn and know how their words and actions can potentially hurt others badly.