Humans, Crows, and Raccoons: What we all share!


Cassie Helm, writer

Have you ever stayed up all night or kept some peace of junk you absolutely do not need, you may be a raccoon. Perhaps you have seen something shiny in the dirt and just had to pick it up or wanted to sing terribly at the top of your lungs at the butt crack of dawn, you may be a crow.

Raccoons and humans have plenty in common. Some humans have something called insomnia, a disorder that causes the affected to have trouble falling and staying asleep. Those with trouble sleeping get dark circles around there eyes, what else stays up all night and has dark circles around there eyes? RACCOONS!!!!! Coincidence? I think not!!!

Okay now think about this, you know how humans are obsessed with things that cost a lot, and those things are usually shiny. Well what else like shiny things? CROWS!!!! Some people also have a habit of hording  things because they have trouble getting rid of their possessions. Well, crows love to hoard shiny objects such as aluminum foil and lost jewelry.

Next time you think you don’t have much in common with animals, re-examine your animal behaviors.¬† You may have more in common than you think!