Best of & Worst of 2020: Staff Editorial

Best of & Worst of 2020: Staff Editorial

2020 has been a year of changes and challenges.  In our newspaper staff’s final 2020 article, we wanted to share our overall reflections.

The BEST of 2020:

“We began to get educated and political. We started learning more about ourselves and our hobbies.” – Sara Blankenship

Eyes opened about the reality of communities and places outside of your own, discovered things that you feel passionate about that you may not have learned if you didn’t spend so much time with yourself, Young people have learned and discovered ways to actively play a part in helping real issues (signing petitions, peaceful protesting), record number of voters in the election, first female, black vice president” – Kaleigh Brein

Getting close to family, having time to focus on new activities, people coming together, makes you cherish the time you could spend with friends even if it was for a short amount of time, focusing more on school because there’s less distractions, time management, and taking better care of yourself mentally and physically.” – Savannah Craighead

People took the time to learn more about themselves and reflect more on their actions, from their political opinions to maybe changing their style. People have changed in many different ways.”- Alisson Ramos-Mendoza

Learned about ourselves and how to express more, people becoming more open about their opinions, some may have learned how to multi-task because of the whole online learning, I’ve learned to care about others and what is going on in the world. We’ve learned new hobbies.” – Naomi Ramos-Mendoza

Makes you appreciate the times that you could hang out with people. I think that’s the only good thing.” – Gabby Webster

The WORST or 2020

We would like to forget…

being isolated, mental health drains, losing lives because of coronavirus.”- Sara Blankenship

Major division in America, the Australian bushfires near the beginning of the year, the devastating death toll from the coronavirus.” – Kaleigh Brein

Being less social, Being sheltered because of covid, not being able to go anywhere, everything being shut down, losing friends, losing touch with everyone outside of your house, having to be scared for your health (and people around you) everytime you go out, having to miss big events that were already planned, having to wear masks everywhere, life being the same everyday, losing jobs and struggling to be able to pay bills.” – Savannah Craighead

Having to isolate yourself due to the virus, having to carry a mask with you everywhere, Trump, racism, and climate changes.” – Alisson Ramos-Mendoza

Covid has made people social distance and some may have lost connections with others, I stay inside my house more than usual, having to wear a mask everywhere you go, so many lives have been lost because of covid and riots, having to reschedule plans, the world basically being torn in two, having the worst president ever, ww3 almost happening, killer hornets, racism, sports being canceled, people being dumb, having to rebuild places, people not doing their research, etc.” – Naomi Ramos-Mendoza

Everyday feels the same because the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into a year of people saying we’re gonna get over this and nothing is different anymore. We need some excitement. We need good for once, but there’s only so much we can do to stop all this.” – Gabby Webster

What we wish for 2021:

I hope that we will reunite and have a better country as a whole.” – Sara Blankenship

Hopefully, the amount of people who need to get the vaccine for things to go back to normal will, school becomes traditional again (sports, going in person, full days, regular lunches), America will become less divided then it has been.” – Kaleigh Brein

I hope for everything to go back to normal and for people to realize how important it is to have one another.”- Savannah Craighead

To unite as a country, end racism, and HAVE A NORMAL SENIOR YEAR.”- Alisson Ramos-Mendoza

I hope to at least make it through the year without dying. And for people to love and accept others or at least come to an agreement, like let’s be adults here please!”-Naomi Ramos-Mendoza

Not another “2020!”- Gabby Webster