Hunter Howard in action!

Hunter The Golf Pro

On August 19, 2021, I interviewed my classmate, Hunter Howard. Hunter is a sophomore here at Eastern Montgomery High School. I started off with a simple question, “How was your summer?”  He responded saying his summer was alright. Since his summer sounded like it could’ve been better I asked him “What would you change about the summer you had?”  to which he responded with “Go golfing more.” typical Hunter. For those who didn’t know, Hunter is on the Eastern Montgomery High School Golf team. He is very involved in golf. I asked him what he was excited about for golf, he stated that he is “excited to get better and hopefully win the district as a team.” I learned that Hunter didn’t have a very fun time during the first week of this school year, he thinks it is boring so far, I’d have to agree with him. I wanted to know if Hunter was worried about anything this school semester and he said that he was nervous about failing Algebra II, I sure don’t blame him. Our Interview went pretty well, even though we were riding on the school bus during it. 


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