Photo of Freshman Jordyn Hutchinson

Sliding into normalcy

“Over the summer it kinda went fast, so I kinda learned how to like how to slow down a little bit with life and just kind of live and not worry so much.” is what senior Matison Smith learned over the summer. Over the summer, she said she had gotten into reading more, and also traveled to North Carolina! Some exciting things that happened during her summer was that she got her learners, and she also got a kitten. She stated that she wanted to hang out with her friends over summer but didn’t because most were working (which is very understandable). When we got into the talk about going back to school she told me that she is Majoring in Psychology and that she wanted to be a Child specialist. I asked if she wanted to see something in this school that didn’t happen last year and she told me that she wanted the school and teachers to push students harder. Her favorite thing about this school she told me was how small it is so you mostly know everybody, and I think most of us can agree that this is something about this school that we all like.

Many students can relate to senior Emily Libby’s summer experiences. “I basically watched YouTube the whole time.” She said that some of her favorite memories of the summer were hanging out with her boyfriend, being able to go out and eat sometimes, and hanging out with her best friend. After being asked about if she learned anything over the summer she told me some very deep words about friendships at school and how they change over the summer. “People that you are very close to at school do end up being more distant during the summer.” When we got to the back to school part of the interview, she told me that she was very excited for the corps of cadets class. She mentioned that “I just see where life leads me” when I asked if there were any new opportunities in this school that she wanted to explore. In addition, she mentioned that in the school she would like to see more acceptance.

When interviewing Freshman Jordyn Hutchinson, I asked her the question,  “Did you learn anything over the summer?” and she told me that she learned not to trust everyone online because not everyone has good intentions. She also learned that she was supposed to be a twin. She had soccer going on over the summer, and Covid affected that by making the teammates have to wear masks while talking to the field. She also tried sushi over the summer, and tried to learn how to crochet!  Jordyn told me that she spent the most time with her friend Olivia Wilbon, who is also a freshman. She told me that her favorite memory was when she and Olivia wore onesies and walked around her neighborhood, and when they dressed up as men.

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