Returning to School After Summer

Meeting with my fellow classmates to inquire about their summer experience and back to school expectations turned out to be a lesson for me as well. They gave authentic feedback which allowed me to learn more about them as well as made me consider my expectations for this school year. Here is what they had to say starting with the youngest grade level I interviewed.

On the second day of school at Eastern Montgomery High School I sat down with Melissa Blankenship. As a senior I was curious to ask her about how she is adjusting from middle school as she is a freshman. We touched on the topic of summer to begin. Her favorite place she went over the summer was Myrtle Beach and spoke of her experience by saying “I think I love the ocean and the beach is really pretty”. Continuing she told me walking the boardwalk where the shops and attractions were was her favorite part of the trip. The memories made over summer can last a lifetime and Melissa adopted a 5 year old beagle named Jax from the pound, a lifelong friend. When we turned to the topic of back to school Melissa seemed mostly enthusiastic. When asked what she was looking forward to she said “the medical classes here because I want to go into the medical field”. With that positive outlook she seems set for high school.

Hannah Cressell’s favorite summer memory consisted of friendly fun as she went into detail about her summer in study hall. The bowling alley with her friends was her favorite memory because it was “just fun to get out of the house”. Although her summer consisted mostly of working as she has a job at Walmart. On the topic of school Hannah participates in multiple activities keeping her busy. Cheerleading, beta, and english macc are what Hannah is looking forward to. On the other hand Hannah does wish senior privileges could be widened. Seniors at EMHS previously were given the privilege of sitting outside for lunch while now anyone can enjoy that privilege. She states “They took that away from us!” . 

Senior Ann Rae Sisson proved to have enjoyed a great summer as I sat down with her in English to ask about summer and back to school. She recalls staying with her family in Wilmington, North Carolina as her favorite way to remember the summer. During the trip she attended the premier of Black Widow accompanied by her relatives. Summer projects such as painting a bookshelf and completing a paint by number which took 30 hours to complete kept her occupied. Keepsakes are a huge part of senior year. Ann Rae keeps hers in a shoebox which she painted herself. This is even a tradition Ann Rae continued throughout all four years of high school. On back to school Ann Rae stated “I just wish we had more senior privileges”. Looking ahead Ann Rae is excited and looking forward to the big graduation day. 

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