Senior Advice: Have Some Pride Underclassmen


Matison Smith , Writer

If you leave your trash around school or deface our school, you are not only disrespecting yourself, but you are disrespecting the other students who attend EMHS and the staff. 

I am a senior at EMHS this year, and over the years I have seen the crazy messes  people have made at our school. In order to respect yourself and others, you should clean up after yourself  just like you would do in your own home. When I come to school, I want to be able to go to the bathroom without having to ask Wayne (one of our wonderful custodians) to clean the bathrooms before I go, wasting more class time than I need to. 

Last year, the school started providing famine products for free. Our school almost stopped this practice due to girls wasting these valuable resources. There are girls in our school who need these items and maybe have to depend on those because they don’t have the money to go buy them. As women, we should help each other not make it harder. Please only use what you need from the dispensers and be mindful of the other girls that rely on this school supplied necessity. To add onto that, famine products should not be played with in the bathroom; they should be used for what they are made for and nothing else. 

With all of the recent vandalism, we should keep in mind that our freedom could be at stake if these behaviors continue. Power hour is a privilege that our school gives us to have extra time to catch up on school work, do clubs, and hangout with our friends; however; it can also be taken away. If you wish to continue to have that time during the day, you should do your part to pick up your belongings, food, and supplies and not leave our school trashed. During power hour after you are done, your tray should go in the trash can. You should wipe down the area you were eating at and not leave it a mess. If  you eat in a classroom, make sure you throw all your trash away in the right trash cans and make sure you are not leaving anything that someone else has to clean up. Food SHOULD NOT be in the bathroom and your trash should go in the trash can, NOT the floor or hand rail in the bathroom stall. 

The custodians at our school are not your servants. There are more important duties they have to worry about in the school other than cleaning up after your mess in the bathroom or cafeteria. We are all way too old not to clean up after ourselves. COVID-19 is a big issue for everyone right now, and when you give the custodians extra work to do, it takes away from them working to keep our surfaces sanitized and keeping all of us safe from COVID. At EMHS we want visitors to talk about our school and how well kept it is, not how messy it is. As students of EMHS, we should all want a clean school that we can brag about and appreciate. 

To help these problems, you can do your part to keep the trash up and if you see someone leaving their tray during power hour, remind them to throw it away. Let your friends know that it is not cool nor funny to deface the bathrooms when they are in there. Remind your fellow classmates, we don’t  have a magic fairy cleaning our school. We have amazing people who deserve  respect  just as much as everyone else.