EMHS Band travels to Christiansburg and William Fleming High Schools

Gracie Walthall, writer

On Saturday, Sep 25, 2021, our band class went to Christiansburg high school, and then the Star City Classic (at William Fleming High School). I had a really fun time, and tried activities I was terrified of doing. At the CHS festival, we performed our show, and at the Star City Classic, we watched lots of bands (including JMU) perform. 

 In the morning, we went to CHS to perform in the festival they were holding. We were told to socialize with the other students, which was hard for some of us (me included). We did however talk to, and make friends with some of the Christiansburg band kids. They were really nice, and they were so excited that we were there. Lots of people were, in fact. They were all so welcoming and nice to us. We ate pizza and talked, then we all got dressed to perform. All the bands performed the national anthem together, and it sounded magical. It sounded like a perfect recording of a song, and it made me so happy. 

Since we were the smallest band, we were the first to perform, and almost everyone was nervous. You could tell that in the first few sets, but then we got our act back together. We performed and did our best we could right then and there, and we did pretty good. I thought that we did well, even though we were nervous. People cheered for us a lot, whenever we did a visual or a cool marching technique, people noticed and applauded. It felt so supportive, and genuine. It made me feel appreciated, cause school marching bands aren’t the most appreciated thing. We got to talk to judges who told us what they liked in our show, and what could be improved upon. 

After watching all the performances, we got on the bus to go to William Fleming High School to watch the Star City Classic. When we got there we were given wrong directions and almost got stuck (scary). We got to the right place eventually and went to watch the bands.

When we went there to watch the bands, I was amazed by how great all of the performances were. They were almost perfect, like there wasn’t a performance that wasn’t over the top (in a good way of course). All of those performances showed me how hard work, good determination, and dedication can make something spectacular. It was amazing to see how much the people performing were so invested in what they were doing.

We also had an assignment to ask band students questions with a partner. My partner for the assignment was Davon Gravley. It was a challenge for both of us cause we weren’t the best at asking strangers random questions. We did the assignment though, him mainly asking the questions, and me writing down the answers they gave us. It was a helpful

activity to get us out of our comfort zone though. 

In conclusion, I had lots of fun. It was exhausting, but it was good for me. I feel more comfortable talking to strangers now. I’m still not the best at it, but I’m getting better at it at least. I also think that getting out and performing in front of people who weren’t just people from our school and their parents was good. This was a great learning experience for me.