The Bell


Gracie Walthall, writer

The last bell rang out loudly as the kids fell into the feeling of relief whilst stepping into the hallway. I could hear the chatter of students echo off the hollow walls as the rush of wasted energy tried to emerge from the mouths of people. Although, I felt their dread of having to come back the next day, then the next, then the next, and so forth. It was an endless cycle for some, which made it dreadful. From despair, a small light shone through each and every one. The small glint of hope and dreams that have been pushed away, really showed in those few moments. I could practically hear their hearts chatter about wanting to pursue their dream life. The light was small, as those aspirations seemed like a fantasy, but it was still there. And maybe, just maybe, those careers and lives they envisioned for themselves, would become a reality someday.