Anonymous 10th Grader, student submission

You’re lying in the green grass
looking up at the baby blue sky,
waiting for white fluffy clouds
to float into view,
to see magnificent shapes.

As they drift past, you’re drawn to one:
it has pointed ears, with a long snout,
a matching large body,
and hair blown to one side,
looking spectacular with the rays
of sun behind it, illuminating it.

Once it’s swept by the wind,
you see a small head
followed by feathers and wings.
You notice the resemblance
to a bird, but not any bird:
a mockingbird, soaring
through the darkening sky.

As it floats across the sky
it starts to separate,
changing shapes,
looking different
in the most complex ways.

Now it looks like a
heart with flames
blazing around it,
with the last of the sun’s rays,
making a solid heart
with orange flames,
as if it were beating.

Clouds are scattered
across the horizon,
with a mix of pink and purple
as the mountains hide the sun,
turning day to night.

We watch as the day goes by
with each passing cloud,
as they change shapes,
forming new masterpieces,
never staying the same.