Friend of mine

Anonymous 10th Grader, student submission

My heart is filled with heartache:
you were here with me,
my best friend,
now gone-
cut from my world.

Oh, how we would talk,
about everything-
the cruel teachers
and our times apart,
laughing at our memories.
Nothing forsaken, nothing forgotten.

We would climb trees;
I always got stuck
and you’d engineer a way
to get me down from the tops
without me falling.

We would go on adventures,
through the woods,
around the neighborhood,
everywhere aloud.
We played hide and seek,
running as soon as we saw the other.

We would play video games
like SpongeBob and Scoobydoo.
We also played pirates with money and maps,
we played football and tackled each other.
We always had a blast.

We were best friends.
We don’t talk anymore.
You were like my brother:
we were a dynamic duo
never separable.
I miss you, cousin.
Everything is different
now that I moved.