Elegy: My Grandpa

Anonymous 10th Grader, student submission

My mind clouded with memories
As we say one last goodbye
I wish you were here again
Your lap to sit on,
Your loving smile,
Taken way too soon.
You were fighting a battle you
Couldn`t have won.
Six years of pain,
Now an eternity of peace.
It’s your hugs I miss the most.
You were a brave soldier
Even when there was very little hope.
You fought your fight,
The best you could.
I miss you still,
Every single day.
If I saw you now, I wouldn’t know what to say –
Would I run and jump into your arms,
Like the good ole days?
Questions left unanswered,
And words left unspoken,
But I believe that
One day we will laugh,
Together again at last.