March Madness at EMHS!

This year’s EMHS march madness was one to remember!

This year’s march madness season featured three teams here at EMHS. Our freshman, whose team consisted of Talan Bruce, Grayson Petritus, Issac Stiltner, Will Covey, and Camden Sutphin. Our junior team featured students Alec Elkins, Logan Boone, Abi Felty, Lilly Underwood, and Maddie Bruce. Followed by our senior team with students Cameron Sampson, Luis Martinez, Lance Elkins, Morgan Bahnken, and Seth Burleson. The afternoon started off with a game between our freshmen and our juniors. The game was a constant back and forth on the court, but in the end, the juniors took the win with a score of five to three. Talan bruce provided his freshman team with the three-point shot, with Alec Elkins and Lilly Underwood providing the points of their junior team. The junior team went on to play the seniors in a game that would have two eight-minute quarters with a two-minute halftime.  At this point in time, the crowd was truly invested in this heated game. With the ball constantly changing possession between teams and the senior players swatting away shots made by the juniors, it almost seemed like it would go on forever and there would be no winner. At the start of halftime, the seniors were winning 8-5. During halftime, students could pay 1 dollar for a chance to make a half-court shot for a prize. Several students ended up making the shots, then it was time for the action to begin again. The second quarter was much more action-packed, with senior Seth Burleson flying down the court several times to make layups or rebounds from Lance Elkins. In the end, the seniors won this hard-fought game with a score of 19-14.