EMHS 2022 Washington D.C. Field Trip

Corey Lynch, writer

On April 29, several students here at Eastern Montgomery took an all-day field trip to Washington D.C. Students had the ability to go if they were past students, or current students, in any of Mr. Eaton’s classes. Mr. Eaton is our robotics and technical design teacher at EMHS.

The trip started off with the two tour busses packed full of students leaving at 5 A.M. At this time, the sun had barely risen, and students took that time to catch up on sleep that they missed because of just how early the trip had begun. We arrived in Washington D.C. at 9:30 and then separated into our specific groups after taking a look at the Lincoln Memorial.

My group, chaperoned by Ms. Edwards, included the students Seanna Brickey, Angelina Williams, and Lexi Porter. Shortly into the trip, my group joined up with another group, and we all had stuck together when we went from place to place.

First, our groups went to a local food court to see what places had opened, then we headed to the Smithsonian Museum of natural history to do a scavenger hunt. The museum had exhibits like the neanderthal, social life, and time portal exhibit. After leaving the Smithsonian, my group ate at a Mexican-style chain restaurant called Qdoba. After eating at Qdoba, my group headed to the Washington Monument.

The Washington Monument was several people’s favorite part of the trip. The elevator ride to the top took over a minute, and like me, several students were anxious on the ride up. The small windows at the top of the monument allowed students to look out into the surrounding area. From this view, you could see the Potomac River, the Capitol Building, and the White house.

After leaving the monument, we got on our busses and headed to the Air and Space Museum. In the air and space museum, students had the opportunity to use space flight simulations, and view the advancements of air travel in a massive warehouse-style showcase. The air and space museum was the last stop on our all-day trip, and what felt like not long after arriving, everyone headed home, with memories of one of the most fun days of the entire school year.