Outlooks on High School: A Freshman versus a Senior

When interviewing a freshman and a senior, their approaches to my questions were notably different, yet still interesting. I first interviewed the freshman, Sara Surdoval, leading with the question,”Who made your summer memorable?” she told me it was her mother, stating “She was always there.” When asked the same question, the senior I interviewed, Kaeden Moore, stated that it was his grandma. He said, “We’ve always had a special bond and she took me everywhere I wanted to go. My great aunt lives in Wilmington, North Carolina so when my grandma and I went to see her, she was giving me a great opportunity to work on myself outside of Virginia.”

Another question I asked both Kaeden and Sarah was, “What is your favorite experience from this summer?” Leading with Sarah’s response again, they said, “The renaissance festival; it was really cool to see all of the things there.” Whereas Kaeden replied, “Being in downtown Wilmington, especially going to a ramen restaurant called Fun Bowl. I really enjoyed trying authentic Japanese food.”

Of course, many freshmen may be intimidated to open up to upperclassmen, even just a sophomore. This is totally fine, and it was still a fun experience just to see her answers. The fact that Kaeden is my close friend and this is the first time I’ve spoken to Sarah should also be taken into account. Both Sarah and Kaeden were incredibly pleasant and respectful during the interview, and I look forward to seeing more of the both of them over the course of this year.

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