The Outstanding Underclassmen Of EMHS

Coming back to school always brings up many different emotions for people. Relief for the parents, maybe even some dread for students and teachers, but also lots of excitement amongst everyone. The halls of Eastern Montgomery High School are usually the same every first day. You’ll find the new nervous faces of freshmen navigating themselves through the halls, sophomores easing into the comfort and routine of high school, juniors stressing out over the advanced courses and testing, and the easygoing seniors roaming the familiar area.

One new and exciting opportunity I have been given this year is Ms. Morris’s journalism class! Ms. Morris has been teaching Journalism at EMHS for eight years now, and a common first assignment that she gives to her class is to interview peers.

For my first interview, I interviewed my sophomore friend and classmate, Bella Willie. The first two questions I asked Bella were about her summer experiences. I first started by asking what was something she didn’t do over the summer but wished she could have. She recited how her sisters take her to the beach every year, but this time her oldest sister was sick, therefore making them unable to go. The second question I asked was about a favorite experience Bella may have had over the summer. Bella gave a unique answer to this, saying she poured a drink into her boyfriend’s, Evan Wagauman, eye and found it funny. Lastly, I asked Bella how she had changed or grown over the summer, and also what class was she the most excited for. Bella replied that over the summer she dyed her hair and become generally more motivated. She then explained that she was excited about Drawing with Ms. Smith-Price because she has the class with her friend, Ally Tolley, and the art room is a comfortable environment.

The next day, Ms. Morris took us to the Earth Science classroom where Mr. Schendel was teaching his class. While I felt a bit bad for interrupting, I assumed most of the students were relieved to take a break anyways. For my second interview, I sat down with a freshman named RJ Helm. I started off by asking him about his summer as well, inquiring about one good and one bad experience he had while on break. His response was that he enjoyed going to Treetops, an adventure park in Virginia, but he did not enjoy having to come back to school. The second question led more into RJ’s disdain for school, as when I questioned what he had learned over break, he told me he learned break is better than school. After this, I asked RJ two questions about school, what class he was looking forward to and what did he plan to do after high school. RJ answered that he was excited about Woodworking with Mr. Willis, and plans to attend culinary school after graduating.

My last interview was 15 minutes after the second one when Ms. Morris took us across the hall to Mr. Stewart’s World History class. I interviewed another 9th grader, Olivia Boone. I started off with a newer question this time by asking Olivia who helped make her summer better and more eventful. She told me she had hung out and had fun with her friend Brooklyn the most. In response to my second inquiry about her favorite summer experience, Olivia said she enjoyed going to Myrtle Beach. The third question I asked was if she had made a big transition this year, how had it been? She answered that switching from 8 short classes to 4 long classes was a bit difficult. Lastly, I questioned her about what life after high school looked like, and she responded that she wasn’t fully sure, but going to college and getting a good job was ideal.

To conclude my first article, I would like to thank Mr. Schendel and Mr. Stewart for lending us their teaching time to conduct these interviews. I would also like to thank Olivia, Bella, and RJ for being wonderful and interesting interviewees and providing their thoughtful answers. Of course, I cannot forget to thank Ms. Morris as well for the opportunity and assignment.  None of this would have been possible without you all as the wonderful community here at Eastern Montgomery High School. Here is to another great year at EMHS!

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