Sophomore Year from a Different Eye

My first interview assignment in yearbook production was to interview my classmate and peer, Conner Meredith.  Although I have known Conner for awhile, this time gave me an opportunity to catch up about our summer experiences and how we are feeling about the new school year. The most interesting thing he said he did this summer was hang out with his cousin Eli. Eli and Conner like playing basketball and swimming. He usually spent most of his summers at his house and would wake up around seven or eight. Conner’s favorite class is small engine repair. His classes include American Sign Language, honors history and geography, small engine repair, and yearbook production. He doesn’t play any sports, but he does go to the weight room everyday if it is open. Conner had said that his year is going great and he can’t wait to see what is left in store for him.

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