Tide Changing Drive: Setting Course For The Win


September 16, 2022. The EastMont Mustangs take on the Auburn Eagles at home for the biggest rivalry game of the year. The game everyone looks forward to. “It’s a kind of a game you mark on your calendar, everyone comes out to watch us play. Even if it’s away at Auburn.” Coach Jordan Stewart says to one of our reporters.

The game started off slow, both Auburn and the Mustangs offense stalling on their first drives. But disaster struck on EastMont’s second offensive drive. A well timed blitz on a slow developing pitch play results in a fumble, which was returned by an Eagle defender. Hearts sank and morale dropped but the Mustangs knew they had to score before half. It’s late in the second quarter and EastMont’s offense in driving down the field but the clock is ticking. QB Gage Akers throws a pass to Matthew Betz which puts the ball inside the 10 yard line.  A hand off down the middle to Grayson Peteritis gets the ball down to the 2, the offense hurries to get back on the line. The ball is snapped with 3 seconds left and Akers punches the ball in on a QB sneak, but there’s some confusion among the refs and a flag is thrown for an illegal snap.  The ball is moved back to the 7 yard line and there’s 3 seconds left on the clock, the ball is snapped, Gage rolls out right sees a hole and takes it.  Diving into the endzone Gage Akers ties up the game with 0 seconds left before halftime.

The game’s tied 7-7 at the half, the Mustangs are changing their game plan for the second half. We get the ball and start driving downfield. We need to score on this drive to stand a chance at winning. “3 yards and a cloud of dust, that’s our entire offense boys.” Coach Hale’s always telling us. The coaches are always telling us, our offense is our best defense, if we can keep them from scoring by not having the ball then we control the game. After the Mustangs scored on the first offensive drive, Auburn scored on their first drive as well. With 8 minutes left in the game we got the ball back and ran the clock out. We scored but Auburn blocked the PAT to make the game 20-13 with 39 seconds left, Auburn had one more chance to score and tie the game up but it was in vain. East Mont beats Auburn for the second year in a row, something that hasn’t since the 2010’s. Congratulations Mustangs on the win!