Blasting Off On the Rockets: Homecoming Dub


The night of October 7th, the East Mont Mustangs played the Craig County Rockets for their annual Homecoming game. The game started quickly, with the Mustangs’ Brandon Kingery getting a tackle for loss on the first play of the game. The Mustangs went on to force a turnover on downs with a pass breakup and continued on to the opening drive with Angel Ramos-Mendoza punching it in for the score.

The Rockets quickly started and ended their second drive with another turnover on downs in just 4 plays. The Mustangs scored again quickly with a 35 yard rushing touchdown from sophomore running back Grayson Peteritis, “I think I did well, a few good runs but most of my success came because of the amazing blocks by our hard working lineman up front and our other running backs. They are the reason we even have a chance to get touchdowns without them we wouldn’t be anything. They allowed me to use my advantages by getting outside to use my speed.” “I am speed”- Lightning McQueen” Grayson tells us after the game.

The rockets finally scored on their third drive making the score 14-8. East Mont gets the ball back with 8 minutes left in the game, “We’re gonna start running the ball down their throat” Coach Hale tells his O line in the timeout. Then, it happens, Senior Jesse Boston catches a 50 yard touchdown pass from Junior Quarterback Gage Akers. “I noticed the corner was in man coverage with safety help over top so if I sold the post then I would get the ball in a place where I could juke out the backside corner and score” Jesse Boston told one of our reporters after game. Even senior offensive lineman Brandon Kingery had a chance to put points on the board with a 6 yard run to make the score 28-16 as the 1st half ends.

The halftime presented the homecoming court for this year, with Caleb Jones and Maggie Howard for the freshmen, Issac Stiltner and Lacy Davis for sophomore, Ava Owens and Gunnar Lawson for the Juniors. This years Senior court was Eder Mateo and Adriana Guzman-Dagnino, Levi Woods and Abigail Felty, and Angel Ramos-Mendoza and Cymric Woolwine. The eventual Homecoming King and Queen was Angel Ramos-Mendoza and Cymric Woolwine! It was a very emotional moment for Cymric Woolwine as she shed tears of joy.

The second half was more of the same from the Mustangs with Junior Xavier Brown and Jesse Boston getting rushing touchdowns and the Mustang defense shutting out Craig County in the entire second half, the final score ended up being 41-16 with East Mont winning it’s 2022 homecoming game. Congrats Mustangs!