Blair Witch Movie Review

Holly Rayne, writer

blairwitch2016pos_hugeThe new 2016 Blair Witch movie was, overall, a pretty horrifying movie. It was very confusing and sometimes hard to follow, but I’m sure if you watched it two or three times, you could figure it out.  Both Angel and myself read up on some articles that helped explain the movie a little better, but we feel you shouldn’t have to do that with any truly good movie to understand it. Even with that being said, there are still some pretty scary mysteries all throughout the movie that will have you either on the edge on your seat or covering your eyes. There’s a lot of creepy voodoo dolls, deafening noises, chilling shapes that you can’t make out, and very strange people who you don’t know if you should trust or not.

However, the scariest parts of the movie were at the end, which is kind of annoying because you are waiting for something suspenseful to happen.  I’m sure if you’ve seen the first Blair Witch movie it would have made more sense or would have been better, or maybe not. It was definitely scary with most of the scares being jump scares and one or two scenes being very gory or gruesome.


Chris Helcermanas-Benge

When the first Blair Witch movie was a huge shock to people because the “found footage” theme was a new idea, and the Blair Witch Project was one of the first movies, after Cannibal Holocaust, to execute that idea. But since then, a lot of movies have used the found footage technique to tell a narrative story. Some popular ones being the Paranormal Activity series, The Taking of Deborah Logan, The Devil Inside, Unfriended, and many, many more.

Nothing about this movie was extremely original or new, especially since it was a remake from the previous movie. Overall, Angel and I decided to give this movie a 6/10 rating. Pretty entertaining and scary, but not a completely new idea or concept. But if you love any and all horror movies like us, then you won’t mind seeing this movie at all.